SCHOOL ELECTIONS | November 1, 2020


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For information about the new SCHOOL SERVICE CENTRE GOVERNANCE that will be in effect as of November click here

Are you registered on the permanent English Electoral List?

According to the School Elections Act, all parents that pay their taxes to SWLSB are already registered on the English Electoral List.

For all other electors who would like to be registered on the SWLSB electoral list, complete the REGISTRATION TO THE ELECTORAL LIST form .

Once the form is completed, please return the original and signed copy to any SWLSB school or email it to . For more information, please call us at 450 621-5600 extension 1369.

Calendar 2020 School Elections


Electoral Division Maps

Map of whole SWLSB territory

Electoral Division 1

Electoral Division 2

Electoral Division 3

Electoral Division 4

Electoral Division 5

Electoral Division 6

Electoral Division 7

Electoral Division 8

Electoral Division 9


Élections Québec website for additional information


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