Communicating the information for a school closure

Once the decision is made to close schools we immediately:

  • Post the list of schools/centres closed on the SWLSB website's homepage in the banner as illustrated above.
  • Post the information on the SWLSB Facebook page
  • List the names of schools that are closed for the day on the administrative centre line (450-621-5600 or 1 866 621-5600)
  • Inform radio and television networks
  • NEW! Send a text message to subscribers of the REMIND APP with link to SWLSB website to access list of schools

Schools Divided in Five Groups

Groups chart


Q) How do I sign up to the REMIND app?
A) On your cell phone, go to your text message icon and send a message to 514 429-1376 and type @urgence, then press send. Within a few minutes you will receive a confirmation text message that you are signed up.

Q) Do I need to have/download the REMIND app on my device to receive the notifications?
A) Yes. You need to have the app. Once you subscribe through your text message icon, you will get the notifications when there are school closures.

Q) Does someone need a smartphone to use REMIND?
A) A smartphone is not necessary to receive Remind messages. However, to receive Remind messages, you must be able to receive texts.

Q) When are parents notified of school closures related to inclement weather?
A) Decisions to close some or all schools are usually made by 6 am at the latest. As soon as the decision is taken, it is communicated.

Q) How are parents notified?
A) We communicate the information on our website, our Facebook page, administration office phone message, through the media and the REMIND app.

Q) How do I know which schools are closed?
A) As we cover a vast territory, we usually have partial closures as the weather varies from one region to another. The list of schools closed is communicated on the SWLSB website, SWLSB Facebook page, Administrative office phone message and we inform the media.

Q) Is the list of schools closed published on the REMIND text notification?
A) No, as text messages are limited to 140 characters, we cannot list all the schools. You will be informed of which group of schools is closed and will be referred to the SWLSB website for the complete list.

Q) How do I know what group my child's school is in?
A) Our schools are divided in five groups. Click here to see the chart.