345, boul. l'Assomption Ouest
Saint-Charles-Boromée, QC
J6E 0R3
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Joliette Elementary School

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The map describing the attendance zone for this school is intended to provide a general overview of the territory this school serves. Parents must contact the school in question in order to confirm admissibility to the requested school.

Philosophy / Mission

Joliette Elementary is a school where all students are given equal opportunities to learn and to grow academically and socially.

At Joliette Elementary we...

  • recognize individual needs and work towards meeting them.
  • prepare students to be active and contributing members of society.
  • foster respect for self and for each other
  • celebrate cultural diversity
  • work collaboratively as students, parents and staff towards excellence.

General Information

Joliette Elementary School is the only English elementary school in Joliette and the surrounding towns and villages. It houses 190 students, 95% of whom are non-English speaking when they first come into the school. Joliette Elementary has maintained a steady student enrolment over the years. This is largely attributed to the demands by parents who live in the communities servicing the school to give their children an opportunity to become fluent in both languages. Approximately 75% of our program is offered in English. There is a very active Governing Board made up of school staff and parents. The Parent Participation Organization solidly supports school activities with fundraising.


Language Arts, Drama, Social Studies, Technology and Science, Math, Physical and Health Education, and Ethics and Religious Culture are offered in English. French Second Language and Visual Arts are offered in French. Students who arrive from outside Quebec receive support in French through a special year-long program - Mesure d'Accueil.


Students with special needs have a modified curriculum based on their Individual Education Plan (IEP), and academic support from an Attendant. A Behaviour Technician supports students in a non-judgemental manner by offering them new strategies toward making better choices. Our School Success Plan focuses on increasing English language proficiency for all students and supporting those who have added challenges in literacy through Resource help. Our state-of-the-art computer lab is used by students in cross-curricular settings.

Events and activities

Student assemblies are organized each month to celebrate students' achievements and talents - Stars of the month!

Teachers organize many in-school and extra-curricular activities throughout the year, and the cycles participate in a variety of field trips that enhance a particular theme taught in that cycle. Fundraising activities are supported by parents to ensure field trip participation by our entire student body.

Fun days are held monthly to interject lighter moments in our school calendar. Special guests visit our school to offer presentations intheir particular fields. School-wide outings to various community attractions are held annually.