2425 Honfleur
Duvernay, Laval, QC
H7E 1Y3
Phone : 450 680-3033
Fax : 450 629-9587


1305 De l'Assomption
Laval, QC
H7E 4C5
Phone : 450 680-3034
Fax : 450 629-9587

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St. Paul Elementary School

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The map describing the attendance zone for this school is intended to provide a general overview of the territory this school serves. Parents must contact the school in question in order to confirm admissibility to the requested school.

Philosophy / Mission

The mission of St. Paul elementary school, a partner with family and community, is to ensure that each child acquires the skills to succeed in a wide variety of learning opportunities.

St-Paul's philosophy is based on 3 priorities for the school: Safety, Respect & Academic Excellence. Every effort is made to ensure that every child is as safe as he or she would be at home. Respect is the priority that ensures the school remains a peaceful and caring environment where every child enrolled is treated with kindness and grows to their fullest potential. Academic excellence is the cornerstone of all activity in the school.

General Information

St- Paul Elementary School is an English school. Its student population is housed in two buildings located at 2425 Honfleur and 1305 L'Assomption, Duvernay, Laval. St-Paul offers a MEQ Day Care program. Approximately 40% of the program is taught in French. The school offers an extensive activity program necessitating the use of a community park, playground and field located adjacent to the school yard.

Parent Participation

The Governing Board meets once a month. It consists of 12 members. A number of Governing Board sub-committees exist. We have a very active Parent Participation Organization (PPO) with 35-40 members. They have monthly meetings and many sub-committees. The St. Paul Foundation also raises funds for the school on behalf of the Governing Board.


Kindergarten 50% French Immersion.

  • St-Paul offers approximately 40% of the program for Cycles One to Three in French.
  • Language Arts Programs
  • Challenging Mathematics
  • Arts Plastiques
  • Sciences Humaines
  • Musique
  • Ethics and Religious Culture
  • Heritage Language Classes


  • MELS school-based day care services
  • P.E.L.O. Classes (Heritage language program)
  • Lunchtime Activity Program
  • Hot Meals Catering Service
  • Librarian
  • Computer Labs
  • Two Full Time Resource Teachers
  • Music Teacher
  • Art Teacher
  • One part-time psychologist
  • Speech & Language pathologist on demand
  • Part-time Special Child Care Counselor

Events and Activities

  • Lunchtime Activity Programs: Arts & Crafts, Computer, Team Sport, Mad Science, Karate, Sewing, Yoga, etc...
  • Student Leadership Program
  • Remembrance Day Ceremony
  • Movie Day
  • Winter Carnival
  • Themed Weeks: "I Love the Arts" Week, "I Love to Read" Week, Week against Homophobia, Nutrition Week
  • French Plays
  • Field Days
  • Drama Productions
  • Professional Theatre Plays and Shows
  • Book Fairs
  • Halloween & Spring Dances
  • Student Awards Assemblies every month
  • Welcome Back activity in September such as the Corn Roast
  • Francopholie Activites: Culture À L'École - Visiting Artists to each class in French
  • Participation in inter-school sports tournaments
  • Various Field Trips at all grade levels