Saint-Jacques Centre
4881, Saint-Jacques
Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, Laval, QC
H7C 1G6
Phone : 450 680-3055
Fax : 450 665-6896,

Concord Centre

3000 boul. de la Concorde, Laval
Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, Laval, QC
H7C 1G6
Phone : 450 680-3056
Fax : 450 661-3199

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Saint Vincent Elementary School

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Philosophy / Mission

St-Vincent is a new school that will be developing its mission statement in the fall with all stakeholders.

General Information

St- Vincent Elementary School is an English school of the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board. It is situated at 4881 St-Jacques in St-Vincent-de-Paul, Laval. We have a population of 160 students, from Kindergarten to Cycle 3. St-Vincent offers MELS Daycare services.

Zone Map click here

The map describing the attendance zone for this school is intended to provide a general overview of the territory this school serves. Parents must contact the school in question in order to confirm admissibility to the requested school.

Parent Participation

The Governing Board meets once a month. It represents a decision-making body which, via the introduction of a management dynamic between the institution and the school board, gives schools the leeway they need to meet the educational needs of all students. The St-Vincent Governing Board is made of parents and staff members.


Coming this Fall


  • Kindergarten 100% French
  • Cycle 1, 2 & 3 bilingual program
  • English Language Arts Program
  • French Second Language Program
  • Mathematics
  • Science & Technology
  • Éducation physique et santé
  • Géographie, histoire et citoyenneté
  • Arts Plastiques
  • Musique
  • Catholic, Protestant Religious / Moral Instruction
  • MELS Daycare Program